Welcome to our Website. Our company is almost 95 years old. J.C. Schultz/ the FlagSource started in 1920 and I have led the FlagSource team since 1990. Our company has always operated with a commitment to quality, growth, and integrity. I hope that never changes. I am proud of our past and look forward to our future.

For all of us, many things have changed. Since 1920 the one constant we have had is the American flag. We manufacture it… we fly it… we respect it. It is our symbol of hope in this ever changing, unpredictable world. When I assumed duties as president of FlagSource in 1990, I was a widow with 2 young sons. Now I am a grandmother with 3 perfect grandsons! And I am also an experienced business woman working with my two sons, Jon and Spencer, to grow and improve our company and to better serve you. Together with the FlagSource Team, our goal is to give you the best product and the best service possible and to deliver Peace of Mind for all your flag and banner needs.

Please feel free to email me with your questions and comments.

Janice Christiansen




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FlagSource is a company devoted to making world class flags and banners.

We produce a variety of products that include our proprietary WaveBanner® product, custom corporate avenue banners and corporate image flags as well as U.S., state, foreign, corporate flags and a large line of event banners. 

At FlagSource we welcome clients with custom needs and unique manufacturing requests. We sell flagpoles, bases, ornaments and miniature flags for table displays. Flags for commemorative events, special occasions, holidays, and ISO/TS certification can also be created by our high-quality minded staff.

About FlagSource

FlagSource has grown to become a world class provider of custom printed and manufactured material products.  With the introduction of our trademarked WaveBanner® and its adjustable pole it gives our customers a wide range of implementation options, and it continues to be a leader in the marketplace for durability and reliability.  FlagSource also produces a wide variety of Custom Products that includes custom corporate brand image pieces as well as corporate event products.  A new addition to the line is the inclusion of digital four color process vinyl banners. 

From two feet to 200 feet we can make banners and signage to fit every client’s unique needs.  Some of our products have flown at NASCAR events, major sporting events, and even political rallies. Our products are not limited to outdoor products.  FlagSource has made significant investments in the production capabilities to manufacture trade show Table Throws, Retractable banner stands.  Using our wide format printing capability recently added we can now produce those elements with no seaming giving our clients a cleaner and more professional looking end product. We continue to work with the government on a wide range of their unique needs.  Producing Military guideons and other flag elements for the various branches of the military.  We also make custom boat flags, and golf flags for corporate and community groups. FlagSource is a company committed to growth.  Our team continues to work on new products to offer to our wide client base and we always are working to improve the products we have by keeping an open dialogue with our customers and the end users of our products.  If there is anything we can do to assist your or your clients in their unique graphic needs please don’t hesitate to contact one of the many professionals at FlagSource today.

The FlagSource History

John Christian Schultz and Lillian Schultz started the company (on their back porch) in 1920 as a cottage industry that manufactured fraternal regalia such as aprons and fezzes for the Shrine and Masonic fraternity in Chicago. The year 1920 was also the year that Dorothy Schultz Christiansen was born to the couple. John C. Schultz died in 1932 at age 40 and Lillian continued to operate the business until 1950 at which time a partnership known as The Schultz Manufacturing Company was formed between Lillian and Walter T. Christiansen, her son-in-law and husband of Dorothy. Walter had been a pilot in World War II flying B-17s. After the war, he worked in his family's poultry business and in advertising for the American Legion but decided his interest was in fraternal regalia and flags and banners. When Walter joined the business, Dorothy became more interested also.

Under the management of Lillian, Walter, and Dorothy, the business made its first of many expansion moves by renting a small store and shop in 1951. The business grew and in the years that followed, added more products, more employees, and larger facilities. In 1956, the company was incorporated with Walter as president, Lillian as vice president, and Dorothy as secretary-treasurer. "Old Timers" in the flag industry whether they be flag dealers, suppliers, or even competitors will remember Walter and Dorothy as some of the most colorful, special, and greatest flag people to work with.

During the 1960’s, Lillian’s grandsons, who were Walter and Dorothy’s sons, joined the business. These two young men, John and Bill, became the third generation family members who would take the business from a fraternal regalia manufacturer who sold a few flags to a full line Flag and Banner manufacturer. In 1975, The J.C. Schultz factory was a sea of bicycle pennants waiting to be shipped out to customers and in 1976, The American Bicentennial year, "FlagSource" became synonymous with quality as the company adopted the word as their trademark. It was an exciting time for all in the industry and John, in particular, would be recognized during the next ten years as one who designed and manufactured the first McDonald’s corporate flag, introduced the Nylon II American flag with screen printed stars, discovered in the ‘70s the best way to reach the most people was with a mail order catalog, introduced our tradename, "FlagSource", popularized our "boutique" flag line in the ‘70s before there was even a thought of fun flags, and helped, guided, and encouraged some of our industry’s largest flag distributors, to name just a few of his accomplishments.

By 1984, the company had outgrown its plant in Northlake and moved to the headquarters in St. Charles, Illinois. Recognizing that the employees are the backbone on the company, the firm bought a minibus to transport the skilled employees from Northlake to St. Charles so that production and quality would not be lost or threatened. The sudden death of John T. Christiansen at age 40 in June of 1985, the death of Walter in 1987, and the resignation of Bill in 1989 to become a minister in Church of the Bretheren, led to the election of Janice M. Christiansen as president of the company in 1990. Janice had worked for the company since 1975, in various positions such as outside sales, marketing, purchasing, and negotiating with vendors. Two members of the fourth generation, Jon and Spencer, great-grandsons of the founders, took a more active role in the leadership of the company. Jon took on a role as its Vice President of Operations for the firm and Spencer  as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. The name "FlagSource" was trademarked to stand for quality and service.

In January of 2005 the FlagSource again out grew its facility in St. Charles and the company bought a new larger facility nearby in Batavia.  Adding capacity and tools to the capabilities it already had FlagSource was positioning itself for further expansion and additions in the coming years.  The company has continues to add staff to its production and customer service teams.  FlagSource continues to meet and exceed the needs of its client base and is positioned for further growth in the coming months and years.  We invite you to stay in contact with us by signing up for our news letter or contacting us directly to stay abreast of the many changes that are already in the works.

Our Commitment to Quality

FlagSource flags are meant to last. We use a combination of the highest quality components and state-of-the-art manufacturing to give you the best looking and most durable flags in the industry. Construction begins with the finest fabrics and color-matched threads available and ends with heavy duty brass grommets or chrome D-rings for maximum flying strength. FlagSource flags make a statement about your institution, organization or event - cost effectively, creatively, and for the longest period of time. Browse our catalog for pictures of the many flags we have available and purchase a flag from one of our many dealer sites around the country.